SDL2018 : League Meeting

The SURREY DOWNS LEAGUE AGENDA for the Committee MEETING at 8:00pm on Wed 8th August 2018 at Westfield CC. 1. Ian Slaiding 2. Apologies for absence 3. Minutes of the last meeting 4. Matters arising 5. Finance 6. Balls trial 7. 2019 Divisional set-up 8. Any other business Please note as we have no Secretary, […]

Matches 7 July 2018

FIFA 2018 Russia World Cup Fever Sweden v England Saturday 7 July 2018 3pm kick off. “games should be played as per normal except that start times can be flexible as long as captains agree. Tea is not limited to 20 minutes this Saturday.” Hopefully do us proud and also win the game in “normal” […]