“It’s not cricket” is a phrase the meaning of which is still well understood. It is the aim of our League that this understanding should continue.

Fundamentally the matter boils down to a question of attitude, we play cricket for Enjoyment, with the exception of a few morons we are more likely to enjoy ourselves if our team mates, our opponents and the umpires are polite and pleasant to us. They are more likely to be pleasant to us if we behave properly to them.

That said, there are, nevertheless, some common situations in cricket which can give rise to problems, and the League Management Committee have decided to offer the following guidance to clubs and players.

Clubs should note that this code will form the basis of any adjudication which the Management Committee may be required to make.

Abuse of criticism of the umpire or his decisions will not be tolerated under any Circumstances.  Players guilty of this offence will be excluded from the League.

Openly expressed dissent from the umpire’s decisions must not occur.

A polite enquiry as to the reasons for the decision is permissible but must not lead to a discussion.

Players should assist the umpire by:

•Walking if they know they hit a ball, which is cleanly caught.
•Disclaiming immediately an attempted catch, stumping, or run out which is
not cleanly taken or made.
•Notifying the umpire of infringements occurring on the boundary.
Talking or any other form of distraction is not possible from the time a bowler begins His run up until the batsman has completed his stroke.

Abuse of batsman by fielders or vice versa will not be tolerated.  Players indulging In this practice may be excluded from the League.

Orchestrated appeals by large numbers of players, most of who are in no position to know is a highly undesirable practice, which quickly leads to bad feeling. Clubs are asked to discourage this practice.

Deliberate obstruction of fielders, batsman or umpires has no place in cricket and will be regarded as a serious offence.

Deliberate bowling at the batsman’s head without pitching (so called “beamers”) is very dangerous and will result in expulsion of the bowler from the League.

re-produced with the permission of the Surrey Downs League Committee
18th September 2000

The Surrey Downs League – Rules & Constition