Cranleigh Cricket Club

3rd XI Home Ground :
Glebelands School
Parsonage Road

“Cranleigh (or Cranley as it was then) Cricket Club was established in 1856 and the Club has played on Cranleigh Common ever since that date. It was of course primarily “friendly” Cricket for the first hundred plus years, although an East Surrey Village Cup Competition was started in 1897 and Cranleigh were the first winners. From 1946 Cranleigh entered the Flora Doris Cup which replaced the Village Cup. The Centenary year of 1956 was commemorated with a fascinating booklet “A Century at Cranleigh” with a foreward by ex-Cranleigh School boy EW Swanton. The current pavilion was also built that year (the previous thatched one having been destroyed by fire).

With the advent of League Cricket in Surrey in the late 1960s, Cranleigh became founder members of the Surrey Cricketers League and played in that League until its amalgamation with the Surrey Championship in the 1980s. Cranleigh gained promotion to the top division of the Surrey Championship in 1989 and stayed there for 6 seasons and won the Flora Doris Cup in 1993. 1995-2009 was a period of relative decline with Cranleigh being relegated to Division 4 of the Surrey Championship.

The decline was arrested in 2010 when Cranleigh & Cranleigh St Andrews merged. Cranleigh St. Andrews previously played in the Surrey Downs League, prior to joining the I’anson league and playing in the top division for a number of years immediately before the merger.

The merger along with a stronger partnership with Cranleigh School revitalised both the Junior and Senior sections of the Club. The merged Club re-furbished the Cricket Ground and facilities at Glebelands School and this became the Club’s second ground for Cranleigh St Andrews/3rd XI matches.

The Club is currently playing at its highest level ever with the 1st XI in the Premier Division and the 2nd XI in the First Division of the 2nd XI section of the Surrey Championship. Most recently the 3rd XI were playing in the Surrey Championship too but have now opted for a more local level of cricket via the Surrey Downs league.”


Some of you may recall a Club – Cranleigh St Andrews Cricket Club were members of the Surrey Downs League some years ago.

2018 will see them return as Cranleigh Cricket Club 3rd XI

Captain : Steve Neal – tel 07817829480
Club Secretary : Dave Griffiths

Have you any pictures please – ground / clubhouse / cricket in play ???
email them to Paul – thanks


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