Fixtures 2017

Our 2017 Season Starts:

2017 Fixtures now published here and on our sister site 

Division 1Division 2Division 3

Please note:

Division 1 & 2 play home and away, 10 teams in each division therefore 18 matches. Season finishes first Saturday in September.

Division 3 Fixtures – all teams play each other once to the end of July. From August the fixtures are blank as it will depend where your team and club finish in Division 3. This will determine teams and therefore the fixtures, your team . club they will then play through to the third Saturday of September – 16 September 2017.

SurreyDowns.Org note ; third Saturday of September may prove to long a league season – and availabilities of players in Division 3 will mean ?

Historically the Fixtures for the Surrey Downs League, Always very difficult, as it is never straight home and away for Division 1 and 2. Division 3 for 2016 season.was difficult for some clubs and a team in Division 3 and in either Division 1 or 2

2017 – Not for the first time, we have a First and Second Team in the same Division 1 – so fixtures are dictated by the perception that both teams will capitulate to get the points they would need? Therefore these two fixtures will be Week 1 and Week 10 (Fixture Secretaries note get them both out the way in Week 1 and 2 but complicates the fixture make up ).sdl2017-legaue-fixtures-draft

Draft Fixtures were published 24 October & 4 November 2016. However due to the recent League Committee Management meeting – where the fixtures were discussed for almost an hour – we have taken them off this website for now. SurreyDowns.Org hope to publish as soon as practical and hopefully before the end of November 2016.

Final Fixtures now published here and on our sister site

SurreyDowns.Org suggest all matches try to start on or before 1pm – for all Saturdays starting 26 August 2016 (Sunset for 26 August 2017 is 8pm)

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