SDL 2016 – Teams Question?

Team’s for 2016 have been tabled.

The Surrey Downs League for the 2016 Season will reduce to three divisions.

This is due to team(s) notifying the League with out the necessary League Rules notice that they will not be members for the 2016 season.

At recent League Meeting (11 November 2015 at Newdigate Cricket Club) a majority vote was agreed the three division format.

Division 1 and 2 will remain as they were 10 teams playing each other home and away – weather permitting of course!!

Division 4 teams that remain will join Division 3 making a Division of sixteen teams. These sixteen teams will play each other once.

  1. Division 10 teams
  2. Division 10 teams
  3. Division 16 teams

Surrey Downs League 2016

Division 1Division 2Division 3
CapelAlburyBrockham Green
East HorsleyEast HorsleyBurgh Heath
North HolmwoodHeadley Old Freemen'sCapel
NutfieldHorsley & SendHeadley Old Freemen's
Oakwood HillOakwood HillHolmbury St. Mary
OckhamOckhamHorsley & Send
Old WokingOckleyNorth Holmwood
South NutfieldWoldingham VillageOckley & Newdigate
TadworthWonershOld Suttonians
Old Woking
South Nutfield

Fixtures will start on Saturday 7 May 2016 for Division 1 and 2 and Saturday 14 May 2016 for Division 3. Start times will be 1:30pm*

Fixtures have not yet been drafted or published. We hope to email all and publish here as soon as practical.

The above teams can also be seen on sdl.play-cricket.com

*Earlier Start times can be agreed by both teams before the day of the match ad or matches can start earlier if both teams are ready to play Cricket – no need to stand around waiting for 1:30pm.


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